The enduring legacy of a fine arts education is not just an appreciation of great accomplishments and styles, but to create a structure to give visual form to what is seen, known and felt, and thus provide a basis from which to develop.

The Chelsea Classical Studio Core Program is an integrated curriculum of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture taught by figurative painters and sculptors from different educations and backgrounds, who strongly believe that artists need more than one perspective in order to flourish.

The special significance of an education based on the figure, in addition to its history as a profound subject of expression, is its crucial role in developing the artist’s judgment and ability to apply concepts. The infinite movements of the figure force the student to cope with change and rely heavily on critical thinking and composition to help solve artistic problems. The lessons learned serve as the foundation for visual intelligence, and can apply to drawing, painting and sculpture, as well as other related fields such as architecture, illustration, animation and graphic design.

The principles that will be taught and discussed are numerous, including: design, composition, rhythm, line, value, mass, edges, volume, planes, form, light, key, visual perception, impression, focus, temperature, color, anatomy, structure, geometry, symmetry, proportion, perspective, techniques, methods and materials. Though each of these subjects has its own specific nature, it is how they all relate to each other and are used to overcome artistic problems that make them vital.

The Chelsea Classical Studio strongly believes that critical thinking and diverse points of view are very important factors in an artist’s education and development. Featuring experienced artists working alongside students and providing instruction, critiques, demonstrations and a constant exchange of ideas, it seeks to bring together visual artists of various mediums, skill levels, backgrounds and ages. Applicants will be carefully considered and chosen based on art experience, education, and a demonstrated passion and willingness to learn.

The Core Program is a 5 day a week, weekday morning and afternoon program. Students may attend on a full time or part time basis.


The curriculum is a progression of exercises and projects that starts with drawing fundamentals and moves onto more difficult studies that build on the previous skills learned. Each student will progress to the next level once they have shown a solid understanding of what they have learned in the previous level.

Full-Day Core Program is $750/month (Monday-Friday, morning AND afternoon)

Half-Day Core Program is $450/month (Monday-Friday, morning OR afternoon)



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